Did you smile already today?

Did you smile aready today? Why we should pay special attention to beautiful moments – or what positive neuroplasticity is all about. But that was a nice trip – everyone in the family agrees. When you arrive home, the two siblings start to argue loudly about a toy, as they have often done in recent […]

Self-compassion, gratitude and prosocial behaviors​

Self-compassion, gratitude and prosocial behaviors While much research to date has shown that self-compassion contributes to the psychological well-being of adolescents, it is only recently that research has begun to discuss the interpersonal and social benefits of self-compassion.  Can self-compassion promote gratitude and pro-social behaviour in adolescents? In one study, Yang et al. (2021) examined […]

The healing touch ok

The healing touch Who doesn’t like to be hugged? When we hug our children, we are fine and they are fine. Surely we have all had the experience of hugging a child who was crying because he was scared and with our hug he calmed down. We have always known how good a hug makes […]

Optimization trap ok

Escaping the Optimization Traps of Parenting In the role of a parent we are touched so deeply in our emotions and challenged as hardly ever in our lives. This can be wonderful and it can be unsettling, causing great anxiety and stress. Often we have very high expectations of how perfect we want to be […]

Greatest gift ok

What is the greatest gift parents can give to their children? Before assisting others make sure you first put on your oxygen mask! We know very well this security announcement in aeroplanes. Well, there is some wisdom in this advice that is relevant for all carers not least parents. Often as parents, we put ourselves […]