Parenting between stress management
and self-compassion

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Mindful Compassionate Parenting supports parents in meeting the needs of themselves and their children with love and compassion, in the middle of the challenges of everyday family life.

Imagine a world where our children feel free, independent and empowered to pursue their own authentic lifepath.

Imagine a world where our children feel unconditionally loved.

Imagine a world where the relationship with your children is less threatened by the stress of the daily life.

Imagine a world where our children will be able to be mindful and take care of themselves and others for their entire life.

What is Mindful Compassionate Parenting – MCP™?

Mindful Compassionate Parenting is a programme for parents with mindfulness and self-compassion exercises for everyday family life. It supports you to recognize, understand and change your own unconscious reaction patterns and stress reactions. 

Mindful Compassionate Parenting increases serenity and brings more self-confidence into your parenting heart. 

Self-care and self-compassion will support you and your family through the daily challenges. Cultivating the positive attitude will help you to build inner strengths, support the bond with your children and the unfolding of the beautiful moments of your everyday family life.

“The future is in our hands so the children are the main human beings who will take care of the world.
Taking care of the world is actually taking care of yourselves.”
- Dalai Lama


Mindfulness means consciously focusing on the experiences in the present moment without evaluating them. First, really notice what is happening instead of reacting immediately on autopilot.


Compassion means noticing the suffering of others and wanting to alleviate it with your own impulse. Self-compassion means treating yourself like a good friend, even in difficult times.

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