Becoming an MCP Teacher

Are you active in…

…parents education?

…parents coaching or counselling?

… parents’ therapeutic support?

…family support?

…mindfulness-based programs?

There is a NEW opportunity to widen your professional offer and expand your expertise when working with parents.

Become a qualified teacher for delivery of the Mindful Compassionate Parenting programme!

What is the Mindful Compassionate Parenting programme about?

At the heart of it, the MCP programme aims to support parents to relax and to reflect in a positive way with their parenting. Pressured by high expectations, packed days and a genuine “wishing to do one’s best” often patterns of stress and exhaustion enter family life through the back door.

MCP puts an emphasis on self-care, stress management and self-regulation as well as  becoming aware rather than on how to do-it-right. Most parents having taken part in the MCP programme have expressed that they are more attentive to what is nourishing rather than what is necessary – for themselves as well as for the relationship with their children.

The program has a scientific base in mindfulness (Following the MBSR approach of Jon Kabat-Zinn), mindful self-compassion (Approach of Chris Germer and Kristin Neff), positive neuroplasticity (Rick Hanson) and the biological systems of regulation of motivation and emotions (after Paul Gilbert).

The MCP program is currently undergoing research with the German universities of Heidelberg and Kassel that is aimed at measuring the impact of the program, specifically its focus on Compassion.

How can I become a MCP qualified teacher?

Prerequisites for becoming an MCP teacher:

Established own mindfulness practice for at least 1 year.

Step 1 - Experience MCP

Join a MCP course for parents or an Orientation Seminar: an introduction with facilitation to parts of the MCP curriculum including an opportunity to reflect on it from a parents and a teachers perspective.

(18 hours/3 days)

Step 2 - MCP Teacher Training

To explore the full curriculum and practice facilitating parts of it with the objective of becoming able to deliver the MCP programme in full directly with parents.

(32 hours/6 days)

Step 3 - Supervision

Supervision during the first self-held MCP course.

(Ideally group supervision; 6 sessions; 25€ per session per person)


  • Experience in working with parents
  • Attendance of at least one classically recognised mindfulness course (MBSR, MSC, MBCL).
  • Attendance at least one meditation retreat lasting several days.

How is the MCP programme structured for parents?

The Mindful Compassionate Parenting programme runs along 10 modules in 10 weekly gatherings of 90 minutes each. The group of parents participating remains the same over the 10 weeks. It can be implemented online or as in-person meetings.

I want to be an MCP Teacher!

We are happy to hear that! Remember that before joining an MCP Teacher Training you should have experienced MCP for parents, through a course or an Orientation Seminar.

Questions? Write us to, we will be happy to reply!

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